Tuesday, June 27, 2006

UK - The roots of Islamism

The Times (UK) reports.

"In the second extract from his book Celsius 7/7, Michael Gove claims Islamism is not a campaign to restore piety but a revolutionary attempt to re-make society"

Here's one thing that stood out for me.

"The belief that Islam's sovereignty over the whole globe is necessary and total was powerfully displayed on BBC TV's Newsnight in February 2006. Anjem Choudray, one of the leaders of the UK Islamist group al-Ghurabaa, rejected the suggestion that he might be happier pursuing his fundamentalist approach to religion and politics outside the secular and liberal political culture of the UK. England, he informed the viewers, "belongs to Allah". And just in case we didn't appreciate just how far short of Allah's, and his, standards, we fell, Choudray utterly rejected any notion of accommodating his beliefs and practices to the norms of our democratic society, arguing, "if you put me in the jungle, should I behave like an animal? Of course, not"

Choudray sound familiar? He should. He's one of the organizers of an upcoming seminar to try and find ways to prevent another 7/7. When's the seminar? 7/7

At the same time London will be hosting a festival to celebrate Islam. But look who's coming to dinner.

The Islamization of Britain is gathering pace.

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