Sunday, June 25, 2006

UK - Militant Muslims have the megaphone

Nice to see the Times (UK) report on something I've been saying for quite some time.

The success of the MCB, MAB and their allies in dominating the public debate, shaping public policy and driving the media conversation has been profoundly damaging. A narrow version of Islam has been privileged, theological conservatism reinforced and political radicalism given room to advance. A rising generation has been encouraged by those Muslims most prominent in public life to put their Islamic identity ahead of their British citizenship. That generation will have heard the Muslims most fĂȘted by government pay tribute to terrorist leaders and fundamentalist ideologues as figures worthy of respect. That generation will also have had its sense of grievance nurtured even as its sense of separateness has been reinforced. For Islamists and their allies, it has been a golden prospect.

Search my blog using MCB and MAB and you'll find their connections to terrorism.

The BBC are helping drive "the media converstation" for the Islamists.

Will Britain wake up before it's too late? This Times article and my earlier post are not encouraging.

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