Thursday, June 29, 2006

Islamist - What do they want?

Mellanie posts a review of her book, "Londonistan", by Michael Gove Conservative MP for Surrey Heath.

"Phillips explores the ideology that motivated the terrorists who struck last year, and those who targeted America in 2001, showing that they were driven by a murderous belief system which perverts religious faith just as Nazis perverted nationalism, rather than by specific injustices or grievances. She shows up the foolishness of believing that the violence of Islamist terrorists can be bought off by territorial concessions. They will no more be satisfied with control of, say, Gaza, than the Nazis were satisfied with the Sudetenland. Islamist terrorists are fired by a radical programme to establish totalitarian rule across every land in which Muslims have ever lived, so their demands are, literally, nonnegotiable."

That is what many on the left and the left wing media fail to understand or choose to ignore in this war on terror. Thier blind hatred of the right and their obsession to be in power, has blinded them to who the real enemy is. Newsweek and the BBC continually prove that case.

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