Saturday, June 24, 2006

Iraq - How deadly are "old" WMD shells?

Some are downplaying the danger of the recently reported discovery of over 500 WMD shells found in Iraq.

Just how deadly, if they are deadly, are "old" WMD shells? Here's the BBC's opinion on "old" WMD shells.

The BBC begins...

"And it is those shells that are now resurfacing and presenting a new threat. "

Hmmm. Ok, how much of a threat.

"Some of the live shells going missing are toxic and contain chemicals that could kill."

Sounds dangerous to me. The BBC continue...

They "...look harmless but the chemical agents can be as deadly as the day they were first made. Destroying them has to take place inside a high security lab.

The scale of the problem is frightening..."

Yes it is!

Just how old are these WMD shells the BBC is talking about?

"They may be 90-years-old..."

90 years old!!! And they're "as deadly as the day they were first made", which requires destroying them "inside a high security lab".

That's what the BBC has to say about WWI WMD shells. No wonder the BBC has remained silent over the latest report on the 500 WMD shells found in Iraq.

Some on the left are harping over whether these Iraqi WMD shells are useable. As they were originally intented, these shells probably are not "useable". But as an improvised explosive device, the favorite terrorist device at the moment, these WMD shells are most certainly "useable".

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