Friday, August 24, 2007

The BBC has squandered trust

Is about the only honest statment in this report by the BBC's Mark Thompson. Thompson, like most of the BBC is in deep denial.

"However, especially in the years since Hutton, we've come to focus on it first and foremost in the context of journalism. Accuracy, impartiality, resolute defence of our editorial independence, a willingness to acknowledge mistakes when we make them: meeting all these expectations simultaneously is an immense challenge in these complex, disputatious times, but it is what the BBC has to do."

But it is what the BBC continually does not do. Thompson's denial is so deep it's shocking.

"One of the ironies of our present problems is that in recent years we have significantly improved the quality of nearly all the ways in which the public interact with the BBC. For much of its history, the BBC could be aloof and erratic in its direct dealings with the people it served. Interviewees and studio audiences were sometimes treated with disdain. Some complaints went straight into the bin. Today, from helplines to the complaints system to physical visits to BBC events, all these areas have been reformed and improved. Now, we have over 10m direct interactions with the public every year."

Sorry to burst your bubble Mark but nothing has changed. How can it when the BBC is dominated by far left wing journalists and editors? Even in his article Thompson doesn't address serious problems like these at the BBC.

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