Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sarah Palin is as popular as Diana

The Brits understand what's happening right under the Democrats upturned noses.

"In Palin they see optimism; in Obama cynicism. In Palin they see pride in her country; in Obama an element of shame.

It is heart versus head, instinct versus intellect; certainty versus hand-wringing; straight-forwardness versus sophistication. "


"So when she says, as she did in her acceptance speech, that she will take on 'the good old-boy network', she really means it.

As one senior McCain spokesman explained: 'She is the embodiment of the American dream, the small-town girl who rises to the very top, doesn't sacrifice her family or her values along the way, takes on the big guys and wins.

'The thing about Palin is that every aspect of her story touches someone.'

"She is the embodiment of the American dream..." You attack that at your peril as the Democrats are finding out.

Compare Palin's life with Obama's. He's a product of the Chicago political machine, friends with terrorist Ayers and convicted felon Rezko and up to his eyeballs in the current financial scandal. Palin's not just a breath of fresh air, she's like an oxygen tank.

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