Tuesday, February 28, 2006

US - CBS manufactures more "news"

Having been caught red handed using forged documents in an attempt to smear Bush and affect the outcome of the last election, hasn't stopped CBS from manufacturing more "news".

Just the other day CBS was caught once again forging documents. This was a minor incident but it goes to the heart of CBS's fake but accurate theme.

Today CBS continues to manufacture "news" with a "poll" they claim show "Bush Ratings At All-Time Low".

But if you scroll down to the bottom of the poll (in PDF) you'll find out CBS faked the poll.


Total Respondents 1018

Total Republicans 272 27%

Total Democrats 409 40%

Total Independents 337 33%


Total Respondents 1018

Total Republicans 289 28%

Total Democrats 381 37%

Total Independents 348 34%

You can read more here.

The Left in the blogsphere is all a twitter of this but once again, you can see the Left's mouthpiece has been caught faking it - again.

You can also read more of the media faking it here.

The Left have no ideas of their own, can't win honestly and so they have to cheat and lie.


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