Friday, April 23, 2010

CNN re Iceland: ‘Is The Earth Striking Back?’

Listen to this CNN quack.

Both Iceland and the United States exalt democracy as a social achievement worthy of lasting an eternity. Yet the latter’s unprecedented strength has derived not just from enlightened government, but from the release of its own hot clouds: exhaust from its vast industries, fleets and mechanized agriculture. As we have learned, these gases form an invisible barrier that, like a greenhouse’s glass ceiling, keeps reflected heat of the sun from escaping our atmosphere. The denser that gaseous barrier grows, the hotter things get and the faster glaciers melt.

As they flow off the land, we are warned, seas rise. Yet something else is lately worrying geologists: the likelihood that the Earth’s crust, relieved of so much formidable weight of ice borne for many thousands of years, has begun to stretch and rebound.

Perhaps Weisman would care to explain the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883.

The best-known eruption of Krakatoa culminated in a series of massive explosions on August 26–27, 1883, which was among the most violent volcanic events in modern and recorded history.

Was that the earth hitting back at man for global warming before there was any such thing? Amazing how the left always try and have it both ways.

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