Sunday, May 09, 2010

U.S. News & World Report: 'Why a Rising Unemployment Rate Is Good News'

These people are insane. Since Obama is president, rising unemployment is a good thing in the weird world of the left wing media.

Now let me see, if rising unemployment is such a good thing, why did Obama, Reid and Pelosi shove the stimulus package down our throats? If rising unemployment is a good thing, is falling unemployment a bad thing? These people are insane or they think you are.

File this away and watch what they report when, and if, unemployment rats fall.


Anonymous said...

The economy added more jobs last month than it had in four years. Over the last two months, employers have been adding jobs at a rate faster than the population is growing. If that continues, the unemployment rate will soon start falling.

It rose last month because of a something of a statistical quirk. The Labor Department counts people as officially unemployed only if they are not working and looking for work.

Between March and April, there was a surge in the number of out-of-work people who started looked for work. That — not job losses — is what swelled the ranks of the officially jobless and caused the unemployment rate to rise to 9.9 percent, from 9.7 percent.

The share of adults who were out of work for any reason — officially unemployed, retired, staying home with children, given up looking for work — fell last month, to 41.2 percent, from 41.4 percent.

This is a normal part of any recovery. Unemployment rates will stay flat as the economy expands for the next several months, then it will drop as employers are forced to replace temp workers with permanent full-time workers and the pool of discouraged job seekers has been depleted.

CPhu said...

Let me add some stats you forgot to mention. BLS stats states that people out of work greater than 27 weeks has gone up and that has never been addressed.

Since when employers have to hire permanent workers to replace temps. With Bush tax cuts expiring at the end of the year, force employers to provide healthcare to employees, and VAT tax, employers will have to cut employees, benefits, or go belly up.

this is a unsustainable economy. it is asine to say 9.9% unemployment is a good thing. i can remember 5% under Bush many libs say it was bad. then you are saying its good to kill the weak and the unproductive to say healthcare cost. that is exactly what you are implying to.

this is not a normal cycle. we are spending to the point where we will never pay it off. the dollar is weak. the world economy is going broke. china is heading to a economic bubble burst. we are following greece ecnomical collapse. we have states in financial trouble. the only increase of jobs i see is the expansion of the federal government. if you want a safe job, work for them. the private sector is being overrun by the federal government. therefore, jobs in the private sector will be lose. there is no private sector that can compete with a money generating federal government.

car industry- takeover by the fed

bank industry- more than 100 banks closed and run by the fed

healthcare- takeover by the fed

insurance company- will be taken over by the fed once universal healthcare takes effect in 4 year

fannie mae/freddie mac- taken over by the fed

financial companies- major reg by the fed

what else is next? take the customer satisfaction and job numbers with a grain of salt. the DOW is dropped to new lows wiping out all gain and high 9.9% unemployement. to say everything is looking good is just fooling oneself.

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