Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Groups want FCC to police hate speech on talk radio, cable news networks

No free speech for you.

The organizations, which include Free Press, the Center for Media Justice, the Benton Foundation and Media Alliance, also argue that the anonymity of the Web gives ammunition to those that would spread hate.

The groups did not mention any specific programming on the right or the left in their letter, which supports a petition filed by the National Hispanic Media Coalition last year requesting a probe of the relationship between hate speech and hate crimes.

You know, in the old days I'd be all over this, looking up who these groups are and who's behind them. There's no point anymore as they always lead back to far left liberals and the Democrats. Oops! I repeat myself.

Why do these groups want to regulate the Internet?

The groups argue the Internet has made it harder for the public to separate the facts from bigotry masquerading as news.

Because you're too stupid. Gee, isn't that just what Obama said the other day?

This isn't about what is hate speech and what is not. No, this is far, far more important. This is about who gets to decide what the facts are. And make no mistake, the left want it to be them. Wake up America.

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