Saturday, December 23, 2006

UK - All terror plots connected with al Qaeda

and their planning more this Christmas. With all the chaos at Heathrow just now due to the fog, this weekend would be a prime time.

Lot's of disturbing details in here but listen to this:

ABC News has also exclusively learned, with chilling detail, from U.S. and British law enforcement sources that investigators from New Scotland Yard and the British domestic security service MI5 have put together physical evidence and a pattern of interlocking relationships between alleged terrorists that appear to establish a firm link among the subway and bus bombs that killed 52 Londoners on July 7, 2005, a failed set of bombings on July 21, 2005 and a plot to blow up between six and nine airliners, killing as many as 5,000 persons headed to the United States this summer, all the result of three years of planning by British al Qaeda.

Each cell appears to have had ties back to the same British citizen who controlled the plotters from Pakistan and whose identity was first reported by the ABC News Investigative Unit, sources said. That link plus forensic evidence and evidence of overlapping knowledge and personnel in each of the plots is more terrifying to authorities than the prior theory of independent cells operating without knowledge of each others' plans, sources said.

What's even worse, this story proves that Britain is a homebase for al Qaeda.

The plot was three years in the making. The chemistry, electronic and concealment skills of the bomb makers in the plot were excellent, intelligence analysts say.

Through it, British authorities came to see that al Qaeda Britain had emerged, and it had emerged as a lethal spin-off of the historical al Qaeda model developed by Osama Bin Laden. Although its ties to that original core of terrorists is largely inspirational, Al Qaeda Britain has the patience, membership and professionalism of its ancestor.

U.S. and U.K. intelligence sources say one of the formidable hurdles British investigators now face is the potential ease with which terrorists and their supporters can conceal their movements within a large, vibrant set of British Muslim communities. There are about two million Muslims in England, about 700,000 in London alone.

Read the whole thing.

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