Thursday, December 21, 2006

UK - Inquiry call on 'suspect in veil'

The BBC reports. Lots of disturbing information here.

Labour MP John Denham said sensitivity around veils meant the claim could cause "huge damage".

Why is everyone being so sensitive about them? The veil is not an Islamic religions symbol, is banned in some Muslim countries, is recognized as a radical political statment and Islamic scholars attest to all this.

And this is worrying for air travlers.

The Home Office said the claim was unlikely to be true as women can be asked to lift veils in identity checks.

"Can be asked"? At the very least, shouldn't that be all veil wearers are required to lift their veils in identiy checks. In light of the true nature of the veil they should be banned from travel. Two veil wearing Muslim women blew up a Russian airliner a few years back. In this day and age of Muslim terrorism, it's suicide not to ban them on planes.

Then there's this absurd policy.

Mustaf Jamma was released from jail six months before Pc Beshenivsky was killed.

He was considered for deportation after his release but was allowed to stay in the UK because Somalia was thought too dangerous.[...]

Pc Beshenivsky's widower, Paul, condemned human rights laws for preventing Mustaf Jamma's deportation.

But Mr Denham, who chairs the Home Affairs Select Committee, said the UK could not send asylum seekers back to countries "where they are likely to be killed or tortured".

"It is one of the things that marks us out as part of the club of civilised countries and we have to live with some of the really bad consequences of that, as well as the fact it enables us to hold our heads up," he said.

Well, Mr. Denham, Pc Beshenivsky is having a hard time holding hers up at the moment, she's dead.

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