Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama - 'A New Kind of Politics'? Good Luck With That.

Some are starting to see the real Obama - and they don't like what they see. As you read this, remember, this is in the Washington Post - the paper that just backed Obama.

"Yet Obama has run a rather standard Democratic campaign, largely obeisant to party constituencies and allergic to difficult choices. Run it brilliantly, yes, but not with much more than a passing hint of the new politics he envisions. Better angels, it seems, do not make the best campaign strategists.

Accepting his party's nomination in Denver, Obama decried the use of "stale tactics to scare voters." A few weeks later, he was airing ads warning that John McCain wanted to privatize Social Security and would slash seniors' benefits almost in half. You can't get much staler than that."

She ends with this.

What evidence is there that a President Obama would govern differently than candidate Obama campaigned? Would a President Obama press policies -- on teacher accountability, on climate change, on trade -- that discomfit Democratic Party interest groups? Does he have the spine to stand up to the inevitably overreaching demands of congressional Democrats? Does he have some magical, Republican-whisperer ability to quell a political opposition that will be determined from Day One to frustrate his program and regain power?

Obama's closing argument offers reassuring words, undergirded by his evident instinct for consensus and pragmatism.

I know how he wants to govern. I'm not convinced he can pull it off.

Obama nerver stood up to the Democrats in the Senate and if elected he would be unable to.

Here's a Democrat speech writer that has realized what a mistake she was making. Let's hope more Americans wake up before it's too late.

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