Thursday, October 23, 2008

70% Voters Say News Media Wants Obama to Win

70% !!

This has been a problem for a long time but this year it is far worse.

"But this year's margin is particularly wide. At this stage of the 2004 campaign, 50% of voters said most journalists wanted to see John Kerry win the election, while 22% said most journalists favored George Bush. In October 2000, 47% of voters said journalists wanted to see Al Gore win and 23% said most journalists wanted Bush to win. In 1996, 59% said journalists were pulling for Bill Clinton."

And it shows in their reporting.

A Pew Research study finds that of 2,412 stories on John McCain that appeared in newspapers and cable news channels between the Republican convention and the last Presidential debate, only 14 percent were positive, while 60 percent were negative. That was the worst ratio of any of the four national-ticket candidates.

The media is covering for Obama while Obama is trying to buy the election or steal it with ACORN. This is the most disgraceful election in America's history and makes her look more like Russia or China. You can thank the left for that.


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