Monday, September 28, 2009

Iranian TV and the BBC

Harry's Place notes with disappointment the BBC's kid glove handling of Press TV over revelations that Iran has built another secret nuclear facility.

"The BBC are at this very moment interviewing an employee of Press TV on Radio 5 Live, who is suggesting that the concerns about Iran’s nuclear aspirations are spin to strengthen Obama’s position and who is arguing against sanctions. The interview is being conducted as though the journalist is a objective uninvolved commentator.

The BBC are not telling their listeners that Press TV are a Iranian government funded operation, the station’s slavish support of the regime, and the problems they have had with impartiality.


This will come as no surprise to those who have read my case against the BBC.

After having help set up al Jazeera, the BBC were only too happy to help set up Press TV, Iran's state run propaganda news orgainzation, to help spread left wing propaganda. al Jazeera, Press TV, the BBC - what's the difference?

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