Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pressure mounts on Honduras to end coup crisis

al Reuters sees it as a "coup".

"TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) - Honduras' de facto government came under mounting pressure on Tuesday to restore civil liberties and negotiate an end to a three-month crisis triggered when President Manuel Zelaya was toppled in a coup.

Zelaya, a leftist who irked conservative lawmakers and business leaders, was overthrown by the army in June and sent into exile. But he secretly slipped back into the country a week ago and took refuge in the Brazilian embassy. "

That's a flat out lie. The Honduran Supreme Court backed the Honduran government in ousting Zelaya when he illegally tried to change the countries constitution. The army only carried out the Supreme Courts decision.

You have to go to page two for al Reuters to even mention that little tid bit.

"Soldiers ousted Zelaya at gunpoint on June 28 and sent him into exile in his pajamas after the Supreme Court ordered his arrest. His critics say he broke the law by pushing for constitutional reforms they say would have lifted presidential term limits. Zelaya denies wanting to stay in power. "

He did break the law and the Supreme Court backed that up. How is the army's carrying out the Supreme Courts orders a coup? Only in the left wing bizzro world.

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