Tuesday, October 26, 2004

John Kerry caught on video lying about missing Iraqi explosives

John Kerry claims the administration simply says the explosives were already missing without offering a "shred of evidence". Unfortunately for Kerry and fortunately for us, NBC aired a report and showed video proving the explosives were missing when US troops arrived at the facility.

The Daily Recycler has the video.

Kerry's desperation is a sign of just how much trouble his campaign is in.


Anonymous said...

Kerry's in trouble?

Good luck ...

BTW - your Blog is pathetic.

PTET said...

I refuse to believe that the people running this blog can be as moronic as these headlines make out.

When Kerry said that no evidence had been presented by the Bush administration, had any evidence been presented by them? If not, then he's not a liar.

And now it seems to have turned out that the NBC "scoop" was nothing at all. They didn't wintess any search by the US troops.

I look forward to reading this blogs retraction and apology.

As for Kerry being in "trouble", the elcrtion is round the corner and the polls are neck and neck. leads are well within the bounds of statistical error.

For a president who promised to unit the country after the 2000 election fiasco and 9/11, who's approval rating rocketed to record levels, Bush has messed up big time.


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