Thursday, December 30, 2004

French hostages, an Iraqis' thoughts

Recently I posted about the release of the French hostages in Iraq and asked "kidnapping or con?"

A new Iraqi blogger has some thoughts.

Diplomacy wins!

At last
the two French journalists have been released by their kidnapers. See, these terrorists (errr..freedom fighters) are not dangerous at all! They don't kill you if you don't mess up with them and if you support their just cause. They only kidnap you, hold you for few months and "treat you well" and then release you. That's not bad, is it? I dare say it's even a good reason to celebrate.

I don't know why this whole thing reminds me of what happened in 1991 when Saddam held entire American and European families as "guests of Iraq" and then after long and hard negotiations, he released them. This is the key; NEGOTIATE you idiots! Even if there was no reason for those fighters to hold any hostage, as in the end and if you behave and prove that you're not American, British, Australian, Dutch or Italian and have not dealt with any American company and never visited America and that you're against the war and you hate Israel and support the resistance and have not, and will not say anything that criticize it or that might give any credit to would most likely (and with the right people addressed by your government on negotiating) get released after few months! The French government must be very proud now, and so are the terrorists.

Rejoice France, you've been rewarded by the terrorists for your refusal to oppose (dare I say support?) those who murder our children everyday.

This guy is good!

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