Sunday, December 26, 2004

UK adopting sharia law

At least for tax purposes.

Is killing the kafir (un believers) where you find them, next?

THE Inland Revenue is considering recognising polygamy for some religious groups for tax purposes. Officials have agreed to examine “family friendly” representations from Muslims who take up to four wives under sharia, the laws derived from the Koran.

Existing rules allow only one wife for inheritance tax purposes. The Revenue has been asked to relax this so that a husband’s estate can be divided tax-free between several wives.

The move is bound to create controversy if it leads to a change in the rules. It is seen as a breakthrough by Muslim leaders who have been campaigning to incorporate sharia into British domestic law.

And here is more proof the government is caving in to muslims.

(NAO) recently concluded that the tax system inadvertently penalised devout Muslims. An NAO inquiry into inheritance laws found that devout Muslims were not able to take full advantage of British tax law, which allows spouses to inherit an entire estate from their husband or wife tax free.

There is nothing "inadvertent" about it! Polygamy is illegal in the UK regardless of faith, creed, colour or any other background.

Are muslims going to be allowed to beat their 4 wives next?

Sadiq Khan, a leading Muslim politician, says "this is not the thin edge of the wedge".

Really? Then read this Mr Khan.

Gordon Brown, the chancellor, has already made one significant concession to adapt to the dictates of sharia. In the 2003 Finance Act he spared Muslims from paying stamp duty twice on their properties when they took out “Islamic mortgages” that complied with the sharia ban on paying interest.

The wedge is already in and being hammered home.

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