Saturday, December 25, 2004

Jihad by the world press

Is the world's press conducting a world wide jihad? One would think so based on some of the reporting out there these days.

Earlier today I posted about Iraq, Vietnam and the media and discussed how the media lost the Vietnam war for the US and is intent on doing the same in Iraq.

And recently I posted about so called "kidnapping" in Iraq. In that post I talked about the differences between those hostages released and those killed. The former appear to have helped the terrorists while the later helped ordinary Iraqis. I said British aid worker Margret Hassan was in the latter and I questioned the "kidnapping" of the French journalists. Here is what I said.

Well, the Syrian driver, Mohammed al-Jundi, is to sue US for alleged torture in Iraq and Jo Wilding gets to act like a hero and adds fodder to her anti war mill. Which is probably what we will see from the French jounalist sometime soon.

Well that didn't take long, did it? From Jihad Watch.

From the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA), with thanks to Kemaste:

PARIS - An insurgent guarding two French hostages told them his group supported President George W. Bush in the US November election because his policies help Islamic extremism expand, the French daily Le Figaro reported Friday.

Former hostage Georges Malbrunot, 41, told the paper that sometime between September 26 and October 15, he asked his guard if he wanted Bush or Democratic Party challenger John Kerry to win the US presidential election.

“We want Bush,” his guard told him. “We want Bush because with him, the American soldiers will stay in Iraq, and this way we will be able to expand.”

Malbrunot, a journalist employed by Le Figaro, said the guard also told him that the American attack on the Taliban regime in Afghanistan following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States enabled Islamic extremism “to spread throughout the world”.

The French are doing a pretty good job of getting the Jihadists message out.

Jihad Watch makes this observation.

For that very reason, a realistic appraisal of the jihad ideology also indicates that a long stay in Iraq for the US would most likely be counterproductive. The Wilsonian project of democratizing Iraq may somehow ultimately succeed, but the odds are prohibitive, and the January elections will not determine the outcome of the project as a whole. This will be a work of decades -- at least. Democracy in Iraq faces an obstacle far greater than those faced by post-World War II Germany and Japan: the vitality of political Islam, which has not been discredited or disavowed by any of the many Islamic groups in the country. This force can only be neutralized not by military might, but by a large-scale ideological effort that has not been undertaken, because the need for it has not been understood.

That lack of understanding is due to the liberal world press.

Here is how the Associated Press is helping the jihadists.

And here is Al Reuters doing it's part.

These are but a few, search this site for more and read Biased BBC to see how the BBC are helping out.

Where are moderate muslim voices in all of this? Nowhere it would seem.

So, what happens if a non muslim speaks out?

What happens to those who dare speak out?

Two Christian pastors from the Catch the Fires evangelical ministry, Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah, were found to have committed religious vilification against Islam. Their crime? Quoting the Koran in a way that got "a response from the audience at various times in the form of laughter".The judge, Michael Higgins, said they had 'made fun of Muslim beliefs and conduct'. Ridicule in Victoria is thus now a crime. And as Andrew Bolt observes in the Herald Sun, the pastors have been convicted essentially for telling the truth.

So, what is the UN doing while all of this is going on?

Fighting for it's own survival it would seem.

UN oil for food scandal - heads roll and UN sex scandal widens.

Meanwhile, the Islamic press is busy doing it's own propaganda. The latest round accuses the US of harvesting body parts from dead Iraqis and Israelis stealing Palestinian eyes.

Iran and Saudi Arabia's Frankenstien

Like an illusionist making things appear out of thin air or disappear as fits their need, the world press are part of the jihadist "show".

And while the world watches the show Iran practices some nuclear illusion tricks.

Will the world awaken from the illusionists spell in time? If we defeat our greatest enemy, the liberal press.

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