Thursday, December 23, 2004

Mosul - Where's the outrage

The war in Iraq continues and some would say the attack on American forces in Mosul was justified. What you might not know is that the second wave of the attack targeted medical personnel trying to treat the wounded and that is not justified.

The Belmont Club has an excellent article with links to a chaplin who was there.

Of the first three factors, the advantage of choosing the weakest point of attack has been a combatant's right from time immemorial. That is a purely military condition. But the enemy ability to exploit the limits of American response and attack medical personnel with public relations impunity are examples of military advantages that arise from political restraints. To the extent the blogosphere can dispel the propaganda cover willingly provided by the Left, people on the home front can help the soldiers in the field. It is necessary to link the war criminal behavior of the enemy with the studied blindness of 'sophisticates' towards their most heinous crimes. They are twinned; with the former made possible by the latter. The Daily Telegraph describes how some European agencies actually refuse to look at mass grave sites to avoid being party to the punishment of war criminals.

Where is the outrage?

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