Saturday, July 02, 2005

America - Deranged Funeral Update

This post is an update to the Fred Phelps, "Deranged Protest at Military Funeral".

Well, my, my, bless my soul and file this under "Will you lookie here".

The left, anti-war movement and Democrats (I know I'm repeating myself), went absolutely crazy over my post lumping Phelps in with them. Most of the comments were name calling and trying to put as much distance between the left and Phelps as possible. Here is one example:

"If you had gotten off your lazy ass and done some research, you would have found that these protesters aren't democrats or lefties or anti-war;..."

So, let's investigate and see just how much distance, if any, there is between Phelps and the left.

Here is a Phelps time line from The Southern Poverty Law Center. Note these:

Phelps provides rooms for Democrat Al Gore's presidential campaign workers. Though the Phelps-Gore connection will grow increasingly distant, Phelps' oldest son, Fred Jr., is invited to the first Clinton-Gore inauguration in 1993.

Did you know that Phelps ran for the governor of Kansas - as a Democrat!

Phelps, undertaking a run for governor of Kansas, begins disseminating flyers attacking his gubernatorial competitors and other state politicians in unusually personal terms. He loses the Democratic primary, but garners 11,634 votes, 6.7% of the total.

And Log Cabin Republicans, who bill themselves as "the nation's largest gay and lesbian Republican organization", report that Gore is no friend to Gays.

Gore, who was quoted by the Nashville Tennessean in 1984 saying homosexuality is not "an acceptable alternative that society should affirm" and said in his 1984 U.S. Senate race that he would not accept money from gay rights organizations and that he opposed a "gay bill of rights," reportedly sought the support of the Phelps family in his 1988 presidential campaign, and invited the Phelps' to the Clinton-Gore inaugurations of January 1993 and January 1997.

The site even has a few nice family photographs of Democratic Vice President and former failed Democratic Presidential contender, Al Gore, posing with Fred Phelps.

Fred Phelps (left) and Al Gore (center)Fundraiser at Phelps HomeTopeka, Kansas


And here is one with the whole family!

Left to right: Fred Phelps, Tipper Gore, Betty Phelps, Al Gore


No wonder the leftoids were pissing all over themselves in their attack on me. They were desperate to cover up Phelps' history as a Democratic candidate and Democratic Al Gore's, "the real president", buddy.

You see, there is no distance between Phelps and the left. The left calls for the deaths of our troops and Phelps protests at their funerals. As I said in my original post, one enables the other. Here is a picture of the left calling for the deaths of our troops and Phelps protesting at a military funeral.

shoot_their_officersThank God for IED's

All on the left may not share Phelps' views on Gays but they sure as hell support him against our troops. Which, after all, was the original point of my first post.

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What did you expect?

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