Saturday, September 10, 2005

Katrina - America Wakes Up to BBC Bias

America is a huge country of some nearly 300 million people and spans 3 time zones. Bush's home state of Texas is bigger than the entire UK.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that America as a whole pays little attention to the backstabbing broadcasting corporation (BBC), known here as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). But Katrina's fury may have opened more floodgates than at first thought.

American expats like myself, Scott Burgess, and newcomer Scott Callahan are working hard to expose the Backstabbing Broadcasting Corporation's anti-American and anti-Israeli agenda, both here and back home.

There are British blogs such as Biased BBC, Mellanie Phillips and newcomer Adloyada, working hard to expose the BBC as well.

So it's a welcome relief whenever we see people back home reporting on the BBC's anti-American bias.

The author of the piece, Val MacQueen, could have written an even more withering article if they had read the blogs I just mentioned.

It's good to see the growing number of blogs now working to expose, not only the BBC, but the Guardian newspaper and others as well. It's also good to see the readership of these blogs growing.

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