Friday, November 25, 2005

Iraq - Iraqis 70% in charge of security

More good news from Iraq.

This agreement also acknowledges the larger roll of the Iraqi armed forces are taking. Over 70% of security operations are now done by Iraqi forces; this has grown from just 30%”.

Haider's comments:

Progress in Iraq is quite measurable and noticeable on weekly bases. Security is improving in the last two provinces. Iraqi security forces are taking a much larger roll in the security of their country. Sunni & Baathists are talking about laying down their arms and joining the political process, and some have already done so. All this is possible because of our & the Iraqis hard work sacrifices and tenacity.

And more and more of Iraq is being handed back to the Iraqis.

Meanwhile, Iraqis are turning on Zarqawi while many of his supporters want to lay down their arms.

Next month's elections could be a real turning point.

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