Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Iraq - The Pull Out Has Already Started

Seems the Democrats and MSM are unaware the return of Iraq to Iraqis is well underway.

When U.S. forces officially hand over Forward Operating Base Danger to the Iraqi government on Tuesday, it will be the 29th time an American base in Iraq has been relinquished. But, officials said Monday, handing over FOB Danger will be “the most significant transition of real estate thus far.”

It's not just military bases either, entire towns are being turned over to Iraqis.

The failure of MSM to report on the return of Iraq to Iraqis is more evidence of their support for the Democrats. And why doesn't the Administration point this out?

Some have suggested that all Zarqawi has to do is just wait and we'll leave on our own. The answer is, he can't. That would like a victory for us. Zarqawi has to be seen to have pushed us out for it to be a victory for him.

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