Friday, November 25, 2005

Islam - The Great Theft

Western Resistance has a great review of Khaled Abou El Fadl's book on Islam.

Does the traditions of Islam, with their inherited system of beliefs and convictions, contributed to the commission of these acts of ugliness? Are the Muslims who commit acts of terrorism or who persecute women and religious minorities inspired by the doctrines and dogma of the Islamic religion? Stated in a more stark and blatant fashion: Did something go wrong with contemporary Islam, and if so, what? -- Introduction.

Confronted with such negative perceptions of their religion, Muslims have a choice. They could complain and cry about it and grow old in silent bitterness. Alternately, they could decide to teach others about their faith, but this assumes they are sufficiently educated and well informed about their own religion. The problem, however, is that many Muslims are woefully ignorant about their own religion. -- Part One, Chapter One, Islam Torn Between Extremism And Moderation.

I highly recommend Western Resistance as a daily read.

You can buy Fadl's book here:

Finally, we are starting to hear calls for the reformation of Islam - from Muslims. Something that is 1400 years overdue.

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