Friday, January 04, 2008

British boy killed skiing in US

Blares the BBC headline.

"An 11-year-old British schoolboy has been killed while skiing in the US state of Colorado. "

Why those evil Americans, killing and innocent boy out skiing. Is that what really happened? Since it's the BBC reporting on America, you have to ask.

"Benjamin Trichler, from Uffington in Oxfordshire, died after crashing into a tree in Breckenridge, near Denver, during a family ski holiday."

So the headline and first paragraph should more honestly say "he died" not that he was killed. To be sure the boy is still dead from this tragic accident and the parents are still grieving none the less, but in this case the BBC's wording implies the boy was killed deliberately.

Here's how the BBC handle other such reports - "Boy, 13, dies on Spanish holiday"

And British toddler drowns in Spain

And Woman falls to death from balcony

And Heart attack mountain walker dies

Do a search of the BBC News using "killed" versus "dies". Those search results indicate to me that the BBC normally use "killed" to show intent while they use "dies" to indicate accident or natural causes.

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