Thursday, January 10, 2008

Iraq - New Estimate of Violent Deaths Is Lower

Is how the Washington Post report the latest body count study from Iraq.

Of course the BBC choose this headline: "New study says 151,000 Iraqi dead"

This study totally discredits the infamous Lancet study, but the Lancet study was totally debunked at the time anyway.

What's interesting is what the BBC choose to leave out and the Post slips in on page two.

"Violent death" covered shootings, stabbings, bombings and other intentional injuries, and included civilian, military and police deaths but not suicides and traffic fatalities unrelated to roadside bombs."

So this isn't just a study of "civilian" deaths, it includes Iraqi military and police who died defending their country from al Qaeda and other terrorists - and there have been thousands of them.

Also left out is any mention of how many Iraqis have been killed by Iraqis and other foreign fighters.

The reason for these omissions is to implant the idea that US troops are responsible for all these deaths.


The Wall Street Journal reports on the political motivations of the people behind the discredited Lancet report.

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