Friday, January 04, 2008

Iraq - Intended consequences

for the world.

"In hindsight, U.S. troops will get credit for keeping their own casualties down to historically low levels (compared to any other 20th century conflict). Professional soldiers have already recognized this feat, and are studying American techniques intensively. Less well appreciated are the efforts the Americans made to keep civilian losses down. But foreign military experts are coming to appreciate that this aspect of the war paid long term benefits. Iraqis saw, day by day, the efforts by American troops to avoid hurting civilians. Initially, Iraqis saw that as an American weakness, but in the long run they recognized it as a sensibility rarely seen in the Middle East. This will have long term consequences for relations between the United States and Iraq."

And day by day they, and the world, saw al Qaeda intentionally kill and torture thousands of Iraqis civilians. Witnessing the two side by side made it an easy choice for the Iraqis.

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