Thursday, January 10, 2008

UK - Bodyguard says GCHQ bugged Diana

Really? Wow! Let's hear what his proof is.

"Ken Wharfe, who served Diana for six years, said the "Squidgygate" tapes of Diana speaking intimately to a friend in 1989 were probably made by GCHQ. "

Hmm. Let's hear more.

"Mr Wharfe told the central London hearing he believed the surveillance service GCHQ had broadcast the recording of the phone conversation over the airwaves for radio enthusiasts to pick up.

"It's my belief this internal recording was probably made by GCHQ... they probably had a good reason for doing it," he said. "

And yet he doesn't state why he believes it was GCHQ behind the leak nor does he offer any proof.

Toofers around the world will love this guy.

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