Saturday, July 09, 2005

Britain - Terror Attack Backfires

The Telegraph reports the results of a Yougov poll on how the terror attack on London has backfired.

PM Tony Blair's approval rating jumped from 32% to 49%

Should action be taken against suspected terrorists even if they have not committed an offense yet? Jumped from 75% to 81%

Restrict the civil liberties of terror suspects even though there is not enough evidence to charge and convict them? Jumped from 58% to 70%

As a result of the terror attacks will change the way you lead your life? 88% No.

And there are signs that people are starting to wake up to the danger of Islam itself. The number of people who think Islam, as opposed to Islamic fundamentalist, poses a threat to Western democracy jumped 14%.

If the terrorists aim was to drive a wedge between America and Britain or to force Britain to withdraw from Iraq, that to has backfired.

Moreover, the bombings have failed - despite Mr George Galloway's best efforts - to undermine support for the British presence in Iraq. The proportion wanting British troops brought home quickly has fallen and the proportion who now want Britain to retain its close ties with the US has risen. The section of the chart headed "Assessing performance" tells a story of which Britons can be proud.

So, despite the hopes of The BBC, the British public are firmly with the US.

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