Saturday, April 29, 2006

Egypt - Former BBC reporter arrested for false reporting

Judging by this, they could lock up a bunch more here in the UK.

Here's the BBC report.

The Cairo bureau chief of TV channel al-Jazeera has been charged with false reporting and released on bail after more than a day in custody.

Police had questioned Hussein Abdel Ghani over his coverage of the Sinai bombs earlier this week.

The interior ministry said the journalist had falsely reported a blast in eastern Sharkia province.

Here's how the BBC describe Ghani.

Mr Abdel Ghani, who worked previously for the BBC's Arabic service and has reported for al-Jazeera from Cairo since 1997, said he was bundled into a van in Dahab and driven away.

If memory serves me correctly, al Jazeera was formed from the BBC's Arabic service. And to show how closely the two work together, the BBC hired the editor in chief of al Jazeera - to train their jounalists.

The charity BBC World Service Trust confirmed that Mr Helal was joining to work on a variety of media training projects over the next two years.

Perfect! A left wing, anti-American, anti-war propaganda organization (the BBC) and a pro terrorist organization with the same views. In fact, it's hard to tell the difference between the two.

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