Friday, April 28, 2006

UK - 59% support a halt to immigration

That's according to a new YouGuv poll.

It found that 59% of people supported a halt to all further immigration to the UK - one of the BNP's main pledges - when they were not told of the far-right group's association with the policy.

Among those who were told that it was a BNP commitment, support for the policy was only 48%.

Which is why the Left and Muslims cry racist and bigot at anyone who advocates a sensible immigration policy. They want to portray those that support such policies as BNP supporters.

Peter Kellner, chairman of YouGov, commented: "The results demonstrate that the BNP is tapping into some widely-held views, but that the party suffers from a negative image. If the BNP were able to erase this view, it could make significant gains in the upcoming local elections. This may explain what is happening in certain localities where the BNP now polls strongly."

And that is the last thing we want.

The Left better make up their minds, do they want sensible immigration policies, or, do they want to see the BNP gain in the polls.

Even without the BNP the poll suggests 48% favor tighter immigration.

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