Friday, April 28, 2006

US - Clooney urges action on Darfur

After loudly criticizing our liberation of Iraq, which saved millions and ended a brutal dictators regime, Clooney now wants action on Darfur.

Here's what Clooney had to say about Iraq.

But the point is. We’re picking on people we can beat, you know, and we’re saying 'okay, we’ll go get them.’ Now, there’s no question about te fact that Saddam Hussein is a jerk, he’s a rat, so are a lot of these guys. The question is are we going to try and negotiate, are we going to try and talk to these people and find out ways without jumping in and killing people first.”

The mind boggles at the ingnorance displayed in that one paragraph.

We're "picking on" people we can beat? Is Clooney suggesting we "pick on" Russia? Is trying to end the suffering of millions of innocent people, stopping the spread of terrorism and WMDs, and bringing a murderous dictator to justice, "picking on" someone?

Saddam gassed over 5000 innocent men, women and children and invaded Kuwait. But to Clooney that makes him merely a "jerk" and a "rat". A jerk and a rat is someone who cheats on his wife and makes his date pay for the meal.

As for negotiating, isn't that what we did at the UN for over 12 years?

Now Clooney wants us to to take action on Darfur.

"What we cannot do is turn our head and look away and hope that this will somehow disappear, because if we do, they will. They will disappear. And an entire generation of people will be gone," Clooney said at a press conference.

"Then only history will be left to judge us," said the actor, who returned earlier this week from a tour of the Darfur region in southern Sudan and Chad.

Why doesn't Clooney's humanity extend to the Iraqis? I'm glad he's speaking out about the genocide in Darfur but why the different treatment? Why is he worried about how history will judge us over Darfur and not Iraq?

So what does Clooney say we should do about Darfur?

But Clooney said a louder public outcry would encourage governments around the world to do even more, and urged broad participation at rallies to be held Sunday in San Francisco and Washington.

"The president wants to put a stop to it, the Congress want to put a stop it. What they need now is the American people and the world's populations to help them, to tell them that it matters that much to them."

Talk. Clooney doesn't say what we should do if they don't listen.

Or is Clooney advocating a pro-war march? Nah. Heaven forbid we should actually do something to stop the genocide in Darfur.

That's the Hollywood limo liberals for you, all talk and no action.

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