Saturday, April 29, 2006

UK - BBC: "a vast left-liberal propaganda vehicle"

That's what Stephen Pollard thinks. Welcome to the club Stephen!

The BBC is now little more than a vast left-liberal propaganda vehicle, whose income is derived through the threat of jail for anyone who does not pay. Mr Prescott’s affair is indeed a disgrace. But the biggest disgrace of all is the existence of a BBC which wouldn’t tell us about it.

Boy, you got that right!

There's lots more so read the whole thing.

More proof of what Stephen's saying here.

I like this comment Stephen left to his post.

As for the idea that I “claim to be left-wing but hold no discernible left-wing views”; I make no such claim. When it became clear that the mainstream left opposed the overthrow of Saddam’s tyranny and believed that America had 9/11 coming, I realised that I did indeed have no discernible left-wing views.

If wanting to promote freedom and defend the values of Western civilisation is right wing, I happily accept that label.

Stephen Pollard

So do I and wear it proudly.

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