Sunday, April 23, 2006

US - CIA Officer's Job Made Any Leaks More Delicate

"More delicate"!?!

This is why you can't trust Democrats and the left wing media.

The rare firing last week of a CIA officer accused of leaking information to the news media stems both from the sensitivity of the subjects she allegedly discussed and the Bush administration's forceful efforts to block national security disclosures that have proved embarrassing or caused operational problems, according to current and former intelligence officials.

Every administration has the responsibility to protect national security secrets and punish those who leak highly classified intelligence. The firing stems from the fact that McCarthy broke the law and leaked classified intelligence to the press.

The Post continues her defense.

The use of polygraphs to force out the CIA officer, a historian and Africa specialist named Mary McCarthy who lately has been working for the agency's internal inspector, comes amid long-standing administration suspicions that employees of the spy agency have not sufficiently toed the policy line set by the White House on matters such as the fight against terrorism and the war in Iraq.

The polygaphs weren't used to "force" her out. They were used to find out who was breaking the law by leaking classified information. Is the Post suggesting the Administration sherk its duty and let people leak whatever classified info they want?

Since she confessed it would appear those "suspicions" were valid.

This isn't about toeing White House policy. This is about breaking the law and aiding and abetting our enemies during a time of war. It's called treason.

And McCarthys connections to the Democrats are well documented.

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