Saturday, April 22, 2006

US - New Orleans mayor fights for job

BBC struggles for a story.

Check out this first paragraph of the BBC's story on the "race" for a new Mayor in New Orleans.

It may be one of the least enviable jobs in US politics, but 23 people want to do it.

If it's the "least enviable" job in US politics, why do 23 people want to do it then?

So, what's "race" got to do with it?

Most of those evacuees are African-Americans, and that has made race a crucial factor in this highly unusual election.

Well, duh! Most of the city's citizens were Afircan-Americans. Nothing's changed there.

Civil rights leaders - such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton - have been to New Orleans to denounce the vote as undemocratic, a rubber stamp on a process of stripping the city of its African-American heritage.

Those two won't be happy unless a black mayor is elected. Nothing's changed there either.

The BBC? Clueless as ever. Nothing's changed there either.

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