Thursday, April 27, 2006

UK - BBC supporting Palestinian terrorists

This BBC report is a good example of the BBC supporting Palestinian terrorists.

Here's the BBC headline: "Israeli attack on Gaza kills one".

Note how the headline frames the whole report to show Israel as the aggessor. It was Israel who attacked and it was Israel who killed "one". Without a label you are meant to believe that Israel attacked without provocation and killed "one" Palestinian. And the first paragraph reinforces that image.

Israel has launched an air strike in the Gaza Strip, killing one Palestinian and wounding two others, medics said.

Then the BBC does a little he said she said dance without giving you much hard information as to who was killed and what prompted the "attack". For that you need to go here.

Here's what prompted the "attack":

The vehicle hit in the strike, according to IDF and Palestinain sources, functioned as a mobile Kassam launcher, and caused an enourmous explosion after it was hit.

The IDF confirmed that the targets were Islamic Jihad operatives who were on their way to fire Kassam rockets at Israel. According to IDF sources, the same squad had fired Kassams at Ashkelon and other Isareli targets in the past.

In other words, the Israelis acted in self defense.

So who was killed?

The Islamic Jihad men were identified as Wael Nassar, 27, and Ahmad Abu Najam, 23, senior field operatives in its military wing.

Now you know why the BBC left out those details.

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