Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cuba - More rumors Castro is dead

or at death's door. Yeah, I know, we've heard it all before and one of these times it's going to be for real. My guess is he's already dead and the funeral will be on November 8 - one day after the midterm elections.

There are some interesting sings that this time.

On Saturday, his sycophant, Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, flew into Havana (scroll down), possibly to bid a final farewell to his Cuban master. And Brazil’s President Lula da Silva made a slip of the tongue last weekend, saying ‘when Castro was alive…’ forgetting no one had announced that The Beast was dead. Meanwhile, Otto Reich reports that news agencies are getting visits from Castroite government functionaries regarding coming funeral arrangements, including seating, best camera angles, visas, how-tos ahead the coming spectacle…where guerrillas, tyrants, and Sandalista suckups will gather in one horrible place to mourn their hero.

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