Friday, October 27, 2006

Iraq - NBC's Reporter: I'm A Pacifist, War Should Be Outlawed

News Busters reports.

Lot's of left wing media admissions lately.

First, the New York Times admits its left wing. Most recently, the Times admitted its revelation of the SWIFT banking anti terror program was wrong.

Then, the BBC admits that they are anti American, anti British, pro Islamist and " dominated by trendy, Left-leaning liberals who are biased against Christianity and in favour of multiculturalism."

When the BBC tried to backtrack from that startling admission, a top BBC executive cofirmed the admission.

Klein said: "By and large, people who work at the BBC think the same and it's not the way the audience thinks. That's not long term sustainable."

"We pride ourselves on being 'of the people', and it's pathetic.....Channel 4 tends to laugh at people, the BBC ignores them."

Who's next, CBS?

Nice to see all these left wingers admitting their bias.

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