Tuesday, October 31, 2006

UK - BBC tries to silence its critics

Recently I posted a comment on the BBC's editor blog refuting their defense that the BBC is biased. Helen refused to post my comment.

Here's what I said:

"If what the Mail reported is not accurate, why is the report being delt with here on the editors blog and not on the BBC's main webpage? These are serious allegations and if the Mail is making false allegations one would have thought it news worthy enough for the front page.

If the meeting was streamed over the web as you claim, can you give us a link to the stream? Or was it streamed over the BBC's own internal intranet? If so, that's still secret as far as the public is concerned.

I've documented the BBC's anti American, anti Israeli and pro Islamist agenda for years now. Here's a link to the evidence against the BBC.


Likewise, Biased BBC is a blog dedicated to exposing the BBC's left wing agenda.


Today, I tried to post a comment to this BBC editor's post trying to defend the BBC's bias.

Here's what I got when I hit post. Here's a screen grab in case the link doesn't work.

What are you afraid of Aunty?

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