Saturday, October 28, 2006

UK - Senior Muslim defends women to blame for rape

Just in case you thought only a few Muslims felt this way.

ONE of Britain’s most senior Muslims has defended as “a great scholar” the Australian imam who likened scantily clad women to uncovered meat that draws predators.

Abduljalil Sajid, a senior figure in the Muslim Council of Britain, offered support for Sheikh Taj Din al-Hilali’s views, saying that “loose women like prostitutes” encouraged men to be immoral. Dr Sajid, visiting Australia, said that Sheikh al-Hilali was attacking immodesty and loose dress, or “standing in the streets, inviting men to do these bad acts”.

The BBC downplayed Hilali's speech and that's to be expected as the BBC supports islamists, but why is the Times downplaying it? Here's is what Hilali said. Puts things in a different light doesn't it?

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