Tuesday, October 31, 2006

US - Anti-war Democrat fighting a losing battle

Even the British have noticed Lamont has failed.

Liberal members of the Democratic Party hailed him as the bright new hope for the American Left after internet activists created the momentum that helped him to slay Senator Joe Lieberman, one of his party's big beasts.

But Ned Lamont has failed to make the transition from plucky underdog to official Democratic nominee. Despite pouring millions from his personal fortune into his campaign to become Connecticut's next senator, he is trailing Mr Lieberman by up to 17 points in opinion polls.

Standing in a half-empty village library, Mr Lamont, a fibre optics entrepreneur, is far from the assured candidate of the summer. Now, even voters in liberal New England are beginning to question whether his strident demands for troops to be brought home from Iraq will make America or the Middle East safer.

The "screw them" Kos Kurse still works. Last election every one of the 15 candidates Kos backed, lost - every one.

And that's a good thing.

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