Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Iraq - John Kerry: the return of flipper

Remember back in 2004 John Kerry said this:

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz., Aug. 9 -- Responding to President Bush's challenge to clarify his position, Sen. John F. Kerry said Monday that he still would have voted to authorize the war in Iraq even if he had known then that U.S. and allied forces would not find weapons of mass destruction.

That's strange since in 2003 Kerry admitted publicly, on national television, that Iraq, indeed, did have WMD.

Now, Flipper says even though Iraq had WMD, but even if they didn't he would still vote for the war, the whole thing was a lie. That's not nuance, that's a pretzel.

"I'm in a fighting mood," Kerry responded. "We -- together -- lost to two lies: the lie about the war in Iraq, and the lie about me personally.

Here's Flippers top ten flip flops.

Welcome back Flipper!

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