Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Iraq - John Kerry in a hole but keeps digging.

Kerry gets caught on video denegrating our troops and instead of apologizing, Kerry digs deeper.

"Kerry, a decorated Vietnam veteran and Bush's rival in 2004, fired back, saying the president and his administration are the ones who owe U.S. troops an apology because they "misled America into war..."

Oh really, Flipper? You sang a different tune back in 2004.

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz., Aug. 9 -- Responding to President Bush's challenge to clarify his position, Sen. John F. Kerry said Monday that he still would have voted to authorize the war in Iraq even if he had known then that U.S. and allied forces would not find weapons of mass destruction.

Got that? Kerry would still have voted for the war! You weren't misled Flipper, you just flipped. You can see just how far Flipper has flipped from this video in 2003 where he admits Iraq had WMD.

Here's the video of Flipper denegrating our troops.

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