Sunday, April 09, 2006

Guantanamo - "I am lucky I went there"

So says two former inmates in this stunning article in the Guardian no less. Don't worry, they still get their digs in at the US. Still, it's amazing the Guardian ran this at all.

The food in the camp was delicious, the teaching was excellent, and his warders were kind. "Americans are good people, they were always friendly, I don't have anything against them," he said. "If my father didn't need me, I would want to live in America."

Asadullah is even more sure of this. "Americans are great people, better than anyone else," he said, when found at his elder brother's tiny fruit and nut shop in a muddy backstreet of Kabul. "Americans are polite and friendly when you speak to them. They are not rude like Afghans. If I could be anywhere, I would be in America. I would like to be a doctor, an engineer _ or an American soldier."

If America is such an evil and terrible place some would have you believe, then why are there no mass exits by immigrants out of the place? Instead we see over 500,000 demonstrating for the right of some 12 million illegals to remain in America.

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