Saturday, April 15, 2006

Iraq progress report

Here's a little roundup of progress being made in Iraq - progress MSM don't want you to know about.

Iraq's economy is surging. GDP per capita doubled by the end of 2005, and the GDP is expected to grow another 49 percent by 2008.

Projects like this farm co-op are helping. "The co-op is a major step in stabilizing and strengthening the agricultural output in the region. Local farmers joined together and created a business plan that will consolidate their resources to benefit the entire community. "

The Iraqi military is taking the lead in more operations. "It was good to actually plan an entire mission without the help of others," said Capt. Hazem, the Iraqi company's commander. "Although the Cobras are our brothers, my men needed to do something like this to prove to everyone that we are capable of defending our region."

And the Iraqi military's logistics capabilities are improving. "COSCOM troops are training 800-man Iraqi motorized transportation regiments, three already up and running and one to come on line later this month, Halstead said. "

Meanwhile, terrorists continue to be caputed or killed. More here.

The Iraqi police have just made a major oil smuggling bust without the help of US forces.

Iraqi officials said they seized roughly 50,000 metric tons of oil -- roughly equivalent to 400,000 barrels, about a fifth of Iraq's average daily production -- valued at nearly $28 million, according to Adnan Ali al-Kadhimi, an adviser to Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jafari. U.S. forces were not involved in the sting, Ali said.

That's just a small round up of progress in Iraq that I found in 10 minutes surfing the net. Progress the left wing media try to hide.

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