Monday, April 03, 2006

US - New York Times credibility sinks lower


I've decided to use this post as a gathering for posts releated to the NYT's credibility problems. I'll permanently link to it on the left sidebar.

If that's possible.

Just in the last few weeks the NYT has been caught time and gain running bogus stories.

On the 18th of March, The Times was caught out with bogus story on Abu Ghraib.

Then on the 23rd of March, The Times was caught out with a bogus story on Katrina.

Next on the 29th of March, they were caught misleading their readers on the NSA wiretap program.

Now today we learn the Times has been caught out with a fake story from Iraq.

Other than being bogus stories in the New York Times, what do these stories all have in common? There all an attempt to make Bush look bad and embarrass America.

Lucky for America the NYT's attempts backfired and they're the ones with the credibility problem.

NYT admits it lied over minorities are cannon fodder in both the Vietman and Iraq wars.

The Times admits it lied in report on Intelligence Courts.

More Katrina lies.

A good roundup of NYT lies.

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