Saturday, October 07, 2006

Europe Is Skeptical Of Dialogue With Muslims

The backlash against Muslim terrorism, Muslim appeasement and the Islamization of Europe, is reaching critical mass.

Indeed, what can one say about Britain's Muslims, when 10% of those polled after the August airliner plot said they would be "willing" to wage suicide attacks against their fellow Britons, and another 70% refused to condemn that view? [So much for a minority hijacking Islam. ed]

Europeans now see a need not to massage the Muslim ethos but to remove it. One can talk forever of the necessity for Islam to reform itself, but that fails to resonate within Muslim societies, Europeans tell me.

My European tour made it eminently clear that Western Europeans — if not their more liberal, compromised ruling and business elites — believe that for Muslims living in the West, it's either Western ways or the highway.

Harsh, maybe, but that is how it stands.

Yes, it is. And the conclusion is...

"The dialogue is over. The time for action is closing in."

The spark that ignites the flames may come from France where over 2,500 police officers have been attacked and injured by Muslims and 20,000 illegal immigrants are to be deported in a month's time.

But here in Britain, from the calls, conversations and emails I get, people here are no longer just fed up with the governments appeasement of Muslims, they're livid. The angry reactions to the Muslim Pc who refused to guard the Israeli embassy and the Muslim cabbie who refused a blind woman's guide dog, were some of the most intense I've heard.

Anti-Americanism is fading as the fad of the day and being replaced with a push back against what many see as the Islamization of Britain. Witness Jack Straw's amazingly frank statement's on Muslim women wearing the hijab. And Sir Steven's even more frank statement that Muslim terrorism is a Muslim problem, they own it and they need to fix it. If these are the kinds of statments our leaders are now making, you can imagine what the man in the street is saying.

It's not longer the "Arab street" people look to with a worrying eye, it's main street.


How much more of this is Britain going to put up with.

MUSLIM yobs who wrecked a house to stop four brave soldiers moving in after returning from Afghanistan sparked outrage last night.

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