Saturday, October 07, 2006

US - Columbia left wing students against free speech

Actually most of the left wing is anti free speech. The left just can't stand for anyone espousing an opposing view. The left believes their view is the only one that should be heard. Don't believe me? Listen to this.

"...a Columbia junior who took part in the protest, Ryan Fukumori, said. "They have no right to be able to speak here."

Who was behind this attack on free speech?

"...the students, led by the student chapter of the International Socialist Organization,..."

Communists. Just as the anti war movement is led by communists.

But it's not just the left wing students that are to blame, the Columbia administration is left wing as well.

"It only gets worse. After letting the perpetrators escape, university administrators had the gall to berate the president of Columbia's College Republicans, Christopher Kulawik, for allowing his guests to infuriate the crowd, according to Mr. Kulawik. In other words, despite formally nodding to the value of free speech, Columbia is effectively blaming the victim for inciting the chaos. "It's a horrible feeling to know your peers are willing to resort to violence when they disagree with you," Mr. Kulawik told our Eliana Johnson. Yet Mr. Kulawik's peers could be forgiven for thinking they'd get away with it, given their school's troubled history on free speech."

Here's another left wing Columbia student that wants free speech banned.

As of late Thursday night, 13 Columbia students and alumni had joined a Facebook group titled, "YES, I was there when Gilchrist was rushed faster than CUFT's Quarterback."

"I don't [agree with the decision], but there's nothing we can do about it," Patric Prado, SEAS '09 and creator of the group, said. "I was there, and it's fine that they want to incriminate people who actually started violence. ... Yes, we were stupid, but we got our message across that we weren't going to accept this on campus."

"This" being free speech.

Maybe a few nights in jail and a criminal record will teach these left wing student thugs a lesson in Democracy. Columbia University certainly isn't doing it.


Atlas Shrugged notes this:

Oh yeah, can anyone out there figure out why the sign at Columbia against the Minutemen that read "Nobody is illegal" was it in *Arabic* as well as in English. I mean, why not Spanish?

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